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Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing

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Three Word Illustration: Whale, Hawaii, Paper Airplane
As I wrote about last week I had put out a request for fans of my facebook page to submit words that were either an animal, place or object.  I combined (or sometimes they sent all three) and due to a good amount of reply did a random draw to determine which I would compose first. 
My goal is to build strong illustration pieces for my portfolio specifically in the area of Children’s Book illustration. 
My goal is not to be a writer of the books (it’s not my strength) but I did feel the need to come up with a basic story to support the three words and to illustrate a scene or moment from that story (as if I were working on an actual book).  The short story to go with the above image is as follows
Planes…there were always planes flying by.  Lele often wondered where they all were coming from.  Each with its passengers all coming to see all the wonders and beauty of his Hawaiian home.
Many of the vacationers would take boat tours to try and catch of glimpse of his family.  They loved the attention and were always ready to put on show.  People would first spot his mom and sister swimming side by side.  The crowd would squeal with delight look over there…a baby!
 Then his brother, who was older and stronger than him would use his might to slam down his tale on the surface of the water and create a huge splash.  And cheers of delight would erupt from the crowd.
 But Lele always felt like no one ever really took notice of him.  And while his family performed he would begin to daydream about getting away on one of those many planes to see all of the great places these visitors had come from.   The only problem was that whales can’t fly.
One day while his family was putting on their usual show, a little boy on the touring boat let go of a paper airplane.  Lele jumped up out of the water, that fragile little plane below him, and he felt we was flying.  
Suddenly there roared the loudest applause he had ever heard and he quickly realized they were all cheering for him.   He felt so alive!
He was taking in his applause when he noticed the little paper plane was about to hit the water.
He quickly dove under the water and pulled up below the little plane just before it hit the surface.  It landed on top of his head and he carefully swam over toward the boat.   When he was just close enough he let out quick blast of air from his spout and the little plane flew right back into the hands of that little boy.
He gave a little wave with his fin and then swam away from the boat picking up speed.  Then leaped high into the air landing with a loud splash onto his back in the open water.  His life had forever changed by that little paper airplane.

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Cloud giants fighting..thats how thunderstorms arise.right?!

Mermaid Vs Diver by Lightfarm Studios